Company Business

Business Line

In giving a new life to iron that has completed its role,
we are promoting the recycling of
a precious resource of the earth.

Business Line

  • 金属原料部門
  • Our three scrap yards in two areas, i.e., Fukuoka and Kita-Kyushu, work in close coordination to maintain the largest quantity of metal materials in the western part of Japan.

  • We have established a three-base system with the Higashihama Factory (12,000m² in size) and Hakozaki stockyard (10,000m² in size), both in Fukuoka, and the Kita-Kyushu Branch (21,500m² in size) in Kita-Kyushu. We secure metal materials and ship them to TOKYO STEEL MANUFACTURING from piers adjacent to the Higashihama and Kita-Kyushu Factories and Hakozaki stockyard.

  • 鋼材販売部門
  • With cutting-edge machines and advanced technical skills, we are responding to a wide range of customer needs in a flexible manner, and widening the circle of trust.

  • 鋼材加工部門
  • Combining our capabilities as a product distributor and a manufacturer, we provide high-value products with our advanced cutting, bending and drilling technologies.

  • Our large, 6,500m² steel material warehouse is Umi is normally stocked with more than 100 types of steel products including the largest quantity of surface-treated steel plates in Kyushu, and we offer rapid delivery throughout Kyushu. We also handle requests for bending, drilling and other primary processing needs.

  • 建設部門

  • Iron is the central pillar of modern construction.

  • In 1997 we were awarded our license to operate construction work by Fukuoka prefecture. Our new Construction Division builds on our expertize in the iron industry and offers complete solutions to your needs at all stages of construction. Enthusiastic demand has allowed us to rapidly build up a wide range of experience.