President Message


We have introduced a series of systems and innovations to
minimize our impact on the environment,
for a company fully ready to meet the challenges of the future.

RepresentativeHousei Takeda


All companies bear a variety of responsibilities and obligations, both as a corporate body and as a member of society, from tax payment to employment. Of these, protecting the environment has in recent years become increasingly critical. The successful companies of the future will be those which cut greenhouse gas emissions, minimize their environmental impact, while still developing and expanding their business. It is clear that a company's environmental responsibility will be an ever-more important yardstick to measure the success of its management and development strategies.

Takeda Shokai collects and separates scrap iron from steel manufacturers, returning metals to the market and thereby contributing to the circulation of limited global resources. In 2005 we took the next step and acquired ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 environmental and quality management certification across the entire company. We also followed up the expansion of our warehouse in Umi in January 2006 with the development of our Higashihama Factory in March 2006, now the third largest scrap metal processing plant in Japan,
and strongly promoted both better efficiency for land transportation and a preference for transportation by sea where possible.

Our company goals are increased environmental responsibility together with the continued expansion of our business, and above all the satisfaction of our customers. Our continuing challenge is to set an outstanding example for the industry and realize these goals to the utmost.

Housei Takeda